“I attended the silent retreat after receiving it as a birthday present. It was an unexpected surprise in many ways! The retreat gave me the much needed space to rest and think about those experiences and questions that collect in the course of everyday life…It’s kind of like going to your grandma’s house for the weekend: you get fed and taken care of so you’re free to relax, reflect, create, and just be.”

– Lilla Dittrich –

“De retraite was een uitdaging, vooral omdat je niet weet waaraan je begint. Je hebt wel een idee van tevoren, maar tijdens het weekend heb ik hele andere dingen ervaren dan ik van tevoren had verwacht. Ik heb ontdekt dat je door de stilte nog meer in contact komt met je innerlijk leven en het persoonlijk contact met god. Opmerkelijk ook, dat na afloop, terwijl ik met niemand had gesproken tijdens het weekend, ik met de ervaring naar huis ging met iedereen van de groep verbonden te zijn.”

– Anoniem –

“The silent retreat was a welcomed break in a busy life in which sometimes you can miss the opportunity to look back, contemplate, seek God, and look forward again. And to combine that with absolute silence for 48 hours may sound on the one hand as a challenge, on the other, it  can turn out as a luxury after you have experienced it. I can recommend anyone doing so, just take the time and allow God to speak to you through prayer, thoughts, books, writing, or maybe simply through a walk in the woods.

– Edward Rieck –